Okay Fall is here and it’s time to start decorating!! Pumpkins are always a great item to add to your home for a Fall decoration. I love adding lights throughout my home and I wanted a fun and easy way to create some Fall decorations that I can add a light or a candle to. I have a lot of decorative lanterns throughout my home and I wanted to come up with a quick and easy way to create a pumpkin that resembled a lantern.

The supplies I will be using for this pumpkin are:

1. Four small canvases (you can use any size canvases and I pick a lot of mine up from the Dollar Tree)

2. Hot glue gun

3. Box cutter

4. Orange paint

5. Paint brush

6. Wooden shim

7. Spanish moss (this is optional)

The first step is to draw your jack o lantern face onto one of the canvases.

Next step is to cut the face out with the box cutter.

Once the face is cut out you will paint all four of the canvases orange.

I painted the front and back of the canvases so that the inside will have an orange glow when I add a battery operated candle.

It is now time to glue all four of the canvases together. I added hot glue down the side of the canvas and joined them together.

I did this to all four of the canvases.

I cut a piece of the wooden shim for a stem. I added some stain to the wooden shim and glued it to the inside from the the pumpkin.

I then added some hot glue across the top to add some Spanish moss.

I placed the pumpkin over a battery operated candle to give it a lantern effect.

This is so easy to make and you can create them in a variety of sizes. I hope you will all give this a try and add it to your Fall decorations.