I seem to be addicted to the coco liners from the Dollar Tree lately. I never knew you could create so many fun and unique items from these coco liners.


The supplies you will need are:
1. Four coco liners ( Mine are from the Dollar Tree)
2. Scissors
3. Thick thread or cord
4. Yarn needle
5. Spray paint (optional)
6. Dowel (optional)
The first thing you will need to do is cut out the petals for your flowers.
I did not measure my petals. I started at the edge of the coco liner and cut towards the center.
I am using 7 petals for my flower.



You will want to make sure you place the petal on the inside of the coco liner.


Once all your petals are sewn you will then sew the 2 coco liners together. I used 2 of the coco liners to cut out all of the petals and the other 2 coco liners are the center of your flower.


I took a matte cream spray paint and lightly spray painted the petals of my flower.