I have been doing a lot of crafts with coffee filters lately and I knew I wanted to make something fun for my spring tree. I love to keep trees up in my home all year long and I will decorate them for all seasons. Summer is right around the corner and knew a butterfly would be perfect.

The supplies you will need for this are:

1. Coffee filters (I coffee stained mine)

2. Pipe cleaner

3. Clothes pin

4. Elmer’s glue

5. Paint brush

6. Glitter

The first thing I did was to brush Elmer’s glue around the edges of my coffee filters. This is optional but I love to add glitter and sparkle.

Once I have the Elmer’s glue around the whole coffee filter I then sprinkled my glitter.

I added some glitter to the top side of the clothes pin.

Now it is time to gather your two coffee filters in the center. I found it easier if I did folds and then grabbed the center.

You will want to grab the 2 coffee filters at their centers and wrap your pipe cleaner around them.

Take your scissors and cut the ends of the pipe cleaner to be even. These will be the antennas to your butterfly.

Place your clothes pin onto the center and you now have a fun and unique butterfly.