Ok I found myself in Hobby Lobby again and they had packs of white foam roses on sale. I knew as soon as I saw them that they would look amazing colored. We recently used a colored wash tint to create coffee filter roses and I want to see if we can use it on these white foam roses.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. White foam roses from Hobby Lobby (the brand is His & Hers)

2. Rubber gloves

3. Tattered angels color wash tint

4. Small spray bottles (mine are from the Dollar Tree)

5. Alcohol ink (color is chocolate)

I first poured the color wash tint into small spray bottles that I got from the Dollar Tree.

I will be using a variety of colors that are shown in photo above.

The first step is to spray the color wash tint all over the rose.

You will use your fingers to rub the color all over the rose.

Be sure to get the color all down in between the petals. Once I had the color wash tint all over the rose I added just a few dabs of the alcohol ink.

I then rubbed the chocolate colored alcohol ink all over the rose. You can spray some more of the color wash tint to help blend the ink in.

I did the same process to all of the roses and used different shades of the color wash tint.

These turned out amazing and can be used on so many things. I will be adding a few to some frames and maybe some in a lantern. These are very easy to make and I hope you will give them a try.