Ok I found myself in the Dollar Tree and my mind was going. They have a lot of unfinished wood items and I picked up a few. I love getting creative and creating home decor items. The dollar tree had small wooden trays that I think we can create a cross out of.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Five small wooden trays from the Dollar Tree

2. Hot glue

3. Large piece os cardboard

4. Some type of cutters ( I will be using my pruning shears)

5. Paint brush

6. Oak colored gel stain by DecoArt

7. Cream chalk paint (optional)

8. Box cutter

You will need to cut the ends off of a few of the wooden trays.

I left the bottom side of the middle tray on as shown in photo above. You will be able to place a candle on it.

I placed all of the trays together to form a cross. Once I had them together I came down 5 inches from the top to line up both sides trays evenly.

I marked where the side trays will go so that I can cut the sides out of the middle trays.

Once I had the trays all cut I placed the cross onto a large piece of cardboard. You will trace the cross onto the cardboard and then cut it out.

Once you have the cardboard cross cut out you will then glue on the trays.

Once you have the trays all glued in place you will then add the stain.

I decided to add some cream chalk paint over the stain.

This is so easy to create and I just love how it turned out. You can hang this up or you can place this any where in your home. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.