Here at The Shabby Tree I try to get everyone to keep a Shabby Tree notebook. This is a notebook for you to write down the crafts that you want to do and the supplies you might need. We have created different types of notebooks here at The Shabby Tree and we also have A Shabby Tree notebook for sale on our website. One of our amazing followers just made a fun and unique notebook for me and I thought it would be fun to try and create one.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Composition notebook from the Dollar Tree

2. Mod podge

3. Scissors

4. Ribbon and doilies

5. Printed scrap book paper

6. Hot glue

7. Ink pen

8. Paint brush

You can find the composition notebook in the Dollar Tree right now. I got my scrap book paper from Hobby Lobby.

I will be covering the front and backsides of the notebook with the scrap book paper.

I traced the notebook onto the scrap paper.

I traced the scrapbook paper so that it fits to the edge of the binding tape.

I painted the mod podge all over the top of the notebook cover.

I then placed the scrapbook paper onto the notebook and used my hand to rub any air bubbles out.

I did the same thing to the backside of the notebook.

I then ripped a different sheet of scrapbook paper to add to the front.

I placed the mod podge onto the backside of the scrapbook paper and then added it onto the notebook.

I did the same thing to the front inside cover of the notebook.

I created a pocket for the back inside cover.

I then glued on a strip of fabric or you can use a strip of ribbon.

I added some doilies and a hang tag. This notebook can be created for any occasion or holiday. I think this would make a fun gift idea for any occasion.

I hope you will get creative and give this a try.