We have a home security system and of course the main box for it is right on the wall in my foyer. I love decorating my home and I just don’t like how the security box is one of the first things you see when walking into my home. You can purchase decorative covers to place over the box but I know we can easily create a cover at a low cost.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Three 8×10 Dollar Tree canvases

2. Hot glue gun

3. Paint (I am using an ink color chalk paint)

4. Crystal knob (mine is from Home Depot)

5. Drill and drill bit (you want your drill bit to be same diameter and the screw to knob)

6. Hex saw

7. Paint brush

8. Dollar Tree aluminum cookie sheet or two small hinges

8. Scissors

You want to use whatever size canvases will fit over your security box. I am using the 8×10’s.

The first step is to remove the canvas from two of the frames.

You will need to cut a section out of one of the frames.

You will want to cut this from the long side of the frame. I left about an inch to two inches on each side and cut out a piece. This will allow air to flow up under the cover.

You will then paint all three pieces. You can paint these any color that you want. I am using a black because it matches the home items that are in my foyer.

Once your pieces are painted and dried you will want to glue the two frames together. I am glueing the cut out one on top of the whole frame.

I drilled a whole into the frame with the canvas. This is where you will place your knob.

I placed the screw from the back out to the front and then screwed on the knob.

I did not have any hinges on hand so I am creating hinges out of the Dollar Tree cookie sheet.

I cut two strips about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.

I came in about 1 1/2 inches from the top corner of the two frames that were glued together. You will want to glue the cookie sheet strip to the top of the frames.

Do not glue the strips to the front of the frame. You will now place the canvas piece on top and glue the strips to the front of the canvas.

These cookie sheet strips act as a hinge and hold the front canvas in place.

I added a little of my black paint onto the cookie sheet strips.

I realized I did not paint the back side of my top canvas so I quickly painted it all black.

I added a few peel and stick command strips to the back of the frame to attach it on the wall.

This is very easy to make and can be created any size or color that you want. If you have something you want to cover I hope you will give this a try.