I seem to find myself in the Dollar Tree a lot and I always seem to be picking up their mesh wire basket. We have created a variety of things out of this basket but I want to try and create a fun and unique heart decoration for Valentine’s Day out of it.

The supplies I will be using are :

1. One wire mesh basket from the Dollar Tree

2. Ribbon

3. Some type of wire cutters

4. Scissors

5. Greenery candle ring (optional)

6. Battery operated pillar candle (optional)

The first step is to push the sides of the basket together as shown in photo below.

Find the center point for your heart.

You can try and draw your heart shape using a marker if that will be easier. I will be using my cutters to snip the top section of the basket to form a heart shape.

Once you have the top of the basket cut and shaped how you want you will then cut a hole in the bottom of the basket.

This hole will allow you to place a candle up into the heart.

I want to add some greenery so I am adding a greenery candle ring into the basket

I added the candle ring into the basket before attaching the sides together at the top.

I’m using a ribbon to thread the sides together.

You can use any type of ribbon or yarn to thread the sides together.

I will be placing a battery operated candle up into the heart.

I decided to add a fun hang tag and some ribbons to the top of the heart.

If you have and small pieces of the basket sticking up at the top you can easily bend them all down.

This fun heart can be used all year long and would also make a great Mother’s Day gift. I hope you will get creative and give this fun DIY a try.