I find myself in the Dollar Tree a lot lately and for some reason a set of funnels caught my eye. By stacking these funnels you can get creative and make a fun and unique tree.





The supplies you will need are:

1. A set of plastic funnels ( I got mine from the Dollar Tree)

2. Mod podge

3. Wrapping paper

4. Scissors

5. Tinsel

6. Elmer’s glue

7. Glitter

8. Paint brush

9. Marker or pen

10. Glue gun

11. Two styrofoam balls

12. A star patter( I’m using a wooden star for my pattern)

First thing you will do is wrap your wrapping paper into small pieces.




Next step is to decoupage your ripped pieces of wrapping paper onto your funnels.









First you paint the mod podge onto the funnel and then place your paper on top and then paint more mod podge over the paper. You want to smooth all your paper so you don’t have any lumps. I do this process for all 3 funnels. Once all 3 funnels are completely mod podged I then add tinsel to the bottom rim of each funnel. I do this by putting hot glue along the rim and add the tinsel.










Once your tinsel is added you will want to take your styrofoam balls and dig a hole in center of the styrofoam ball.





After you have the hole in your styrofoam ball you will glue the balls to the top spouts if the larger two funnels.





You will then stack your funnels glueing them together.









Once all 3 funnels are stacked and glued together you will want to cut some of the Douro if the top funnel off.




Now you will need to make your tree topper. I trade a star onto my paper using the wooden star as my pattern. You will want to double your paper so you will have 2 stars to glue together.









You will want to leave an opening so that you can slide the star onto the funnel spout. I added glitter to the outer edge of the star.







I love this DIY because you can be creative and design this tree to match your decor . I wanted to try something fun and creat this tree with a vintage look using my vintage wrapping paper I purchased from Marshalls.