If you have been following The Shabby Tree then you all know how much I love trees of all kinds. I recently came across a product by DecoArt called Designer Finishes. After playing around with this product I just knew we could create a fun and unique rusty funnel tree. We are always creating fun and unique items out of Dollar Tree items. I recently picked up a few funnels from the Dollar Tree that are going to be perfect for this project.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One pack of funnels from the Dollar Tree

2. Paint brush

3. DecoArt Designer Finishes (I am using the rusted metal)

4. One styrofoam ball (I am using a 2.8 inch ball from the Dollar Tree)

5. Knife

6. Polyurethane spray

7. Cinnamon



I cut one styrofoam ball in half.

I then placed the styrofoam onto the two largest funnels.

The Designer Finishes has easy step by step directions on the back of the packaging.

The first step is to cover the funnels with the tin.

I added the styrofoam before painting the funnels because I thought it would be easier. You can add the styrofoam later if you want.

It took two good coats of the tin to completely cover the funnels. Once the tin is dry you will start to add the clay and texture. You will want to mix an even amount of each together.

Once you mix them together you will start to add the mixture here and there. You don’t want to completely cover the tin because you want some of the tin to show. I am adding a lot of the mixture because I want my funnels to look really rusty.

Once the clay and texture is dry you will want to add the Asphaltum. You will want to be sure to dip your brush in some water when adding the Asphaltum.

I added this all over the funnels and making it thicker in certain areas.

I also sprinkled on a lot of cinnamon as I was adding the Asphaltum.

I wanted to be sure to seal the cinnamon onto the funnels so I lightly coated them with a polyurethane spray.

The styrofoam will help the funnels to stack and form what looks like a tree.

I wanted to add some height so I placed them on an old wooden spindle.

This is so easy to create and is a fun item to add to your home decor. I hope you will get creative and give it a try.

You can find this product by DecoArt in Michael’s. https://www.michaels.com/decoart-designer-finishes-rusted-metal-kit/10656948.html