I love decorating and I love being unique. Last year I gathered a variety of graters and placed them on a cutting board in my kitchen. I added some greenery and a few battery operated candles to the graters and it turned out to be a fun and unique light display. Not everyone has a variety of graters so I came up with a fun way to create a faux grater.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One set of aluminum cookie from the Dollar Tree

2. One set of aluminum grill topper pans

3. Scissors

4. Hot glue

5. Two brads

The first step is to cut the grill topper sheets. You need to cut one sheet to make one grater.

I found it easier if you first put a slice at each corner of the sheet.

You will first cut straight up one side of the sheet. You will cut right above the circle cut outs.

You want to cut the other long side a little different. This side will be the bottom part of the grater so you want to leave some of the trim on. You will only want to cut the very outer edge off of this side.

You now have the two side pieces of the sheet to cut off.

I cut right along the crease as shown in photo up above.

You will now fold the sheet in half using the solid stop in the center as your folding pint.

You will now open the sheet back up and use the scissors to cut down the crease giving you two even pieces.

These two pieces will be the front and back to the grater. You will now cut the aluminum cookie sheet for the sides of the grater.

The first step is to cut off the outer edge of the cookie sheet. This will leave you with one flat sheet. If you want to create two graters then I suggest you cut a strip for the handle of the grater first.

My handle is about 13 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.

You will then fold the cookie sheet in half. I trimmed some of the side off up to where the ridges begin.

You will then unfold the sheet and use the scissors to cut down the crease.

These two pieces will be used for the sides of the grater.

Take the front and back pieces and fold the bottom part. You will now measure the side and cut the cookie sheet pieces that length.

It is now time to glue your pieces together. You will want to make a small fold down the long sides of the two cookie sheet pieces.

You will add hot glue down the fold and place it onto the front piece of the grater.

You will add the hot glue to all four folds that you made and attach all the pieces together.

Once it is all glued together you will then use the brads to attach the handle.

The brads will allow the handle to be up or down.

You can add a battery operated candle or a puck light down into the grater. This can be placed in your kitchen or any where in your home. This is so easy to make and I hope you will all get creative and give it a try.