If you are following The Shabby Tree then you know I have been trying to find different ways to create faux wood. I have been using a lot of foam board and cardboard but I decided to try using a pool noodle. The stores seem to be low on grapevine wreaths lately which gave me the idea to try and create a faux wooden wreath. You will find a lot of pool noodles right now in a variety of stores.

The supplies I am using are:

1. One pool noodle (mine is from the Dollar Tree)

2. Box cutter

3. Hot glue

4. Paint (colors black, Expresso and burnt umber)

5. Paint brush

6. Small piece of pvc pipe (mine is about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide)

You want to make sure your pvc pipe fits snug onto the hole of the pool noodle. You can use a stick if you want but I just happen to have pvc pipe.

You will all hot glue to both ends of the pvc pipe before inserting it into the pool noodle.

Be sure to push both ends together tightly. The hot glue might melt a few spots if the pool noodle but it is ok.

Once you have the pool noodle formed into a wreath you will then start putting slices into the pool noodle.

I went around the pool noodle on front and back and used the box cutter to put slices into the pool noodle. These slices will help to create the look of the grain of the wood.

Once all your slices are made you will then completely cover the pool noodle with the black paint.

Once the black paint was dry I then added on the Expresso paint.

You will add the Expresso paint and then add the Burnt Umber. You will create the look of wood by adding different amounts of the Expresso and Burnt Umber

Once my wreath was formed I then added some ribbon and greenery.

This is so easy to create and I just love how it turns out. You can do so many things with this and there are so many different ways to get creative with it. I hope you will all have fun and give it a try.