If you want a unique and fun ornament for your tree then you will love this diy.

All you need for this simple diy is:


Warm and natural Hot glue

Wire cutters

Elmer’s glue

Paint brush

Crystal glitter

First you will need to cut strips of your warm and natural. I’m not measuring these strips. I’m just cutting thin strips.

Next you need to cut a piece of your wire. Mine is about 9 to 9 1/2 inches long. You can make yours however long you want your icicle to be. Once your wire is cut you need to loop one end. This will be the hook for your icicle to hang.

You will put glue onto the wire below your loop and then start wrapping your warm and natural around the wire.

You will continue wrapping until you get to the bottom. I’m making the top part of the icicle a little thicker and make it thinner as I continue down the wire.

Once your wire is completely wrapped and your icicle is formed it’s time to add the Elmer’s glue and then crystal glitter.


These are easy to make and will add a cute touch to your Christmas tree.