If you love decorating for the holidays and want an easy and fun diy then you will love this one. I find myself in my local thrift stores all the time and I’m always picking up lampshades. I am using smaller lampshades and turning them into a bell for the holidays.


The supplies you will need are :

1. Small lampshades

2. Glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Thick jute or twine

5. Thin twine

6. Greenery sprig

7. Bells ( I found the bells I’m using at Dollar General)

The first thing to do is start gluing your jute to the lampshade. Im starting at the bottom of the lampshade and working my way to the top.

After you have the lampshade completely covered then it is time to add your small bell. I am using a piece of thin twine to hang the bell from the inside piece of the lampshade.

After you have the small metal bell hanging from the inside then I added a piece of thin jute to the top for hanging.


Last I added a small piece of greenery to the top with a little hot glue.


This is a simple diy and I hope you all enjoy it and give it a try. These can be used as larger ornaments for your tree or just to hang around for the holidays.