We are always trying to get creative by using recycled items here at The Shabby Tree. I recently found an empty Pringles can in my house which had my mind going. The first thing that seemed to pop in my head was some type of lantern. You can easily use a few Pringles cans to create different sizes. I will be showing you a fun way to create the Pringles can to appear as a tin lantern. You can easily cut the Pringles can to be shorter or leave as is.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One recycled Pringles can

2. Hot glue

3. Drill and drill bit ( you can use whatever size drill bit you want)

4. Paint brush

5. Sanding sponge

6. Designer Finishes by DecoArt and I’m using the color Oxidized Tin

7. Polyurethane spray

The first step is to lightly sand the recycled Pringles can.

It will soon be Valentine’s Day so I will be creating a few hearts on my lantern.

I drew my hearts and then went over them with hot glue. This will give you a raised effect on your lantern.

Once I added the hot glue I then gave one light coat of the tin over the can.

You will have four bottles in your designer finishes kit. The first one I am using is the tin.

I gave one light coat so that it will help me to see my raised hearts better. Once the tin was dry I then drilled holes around a few of the hearts. This will allow light to shine through my lantern creating a heart print.

It will take a few coats of the tin to completely cover the can. Be sure to give some drying time in between each coat.

The next step is to mix some of the texture with the tin.

Once I had them mixed together I then randomly added the mixture over the can.

Once that was dry I then mixed some water with the black Vintage Effect Wash.

I gave a light coat over the whole can.

I then did the same thing using the white Vintage Effect Wash.







I decided to add the white here and there instead of covering the whole can.

I used the end of a paint brush to make sure all of my holes were clear of any paint.

A light coat of a polyurethane will help prevent any paint from chipping off of the can.

I added a strand of battery operated lights into my lantern.

This was so much fun to make and looks amazing when lit up. I hope you will get creative and give this lantern a try.