I have been trying to come up with some ways to make ornaments using items that we have in our home. I know that we should all have a light bulb in our home some where. This is an ornament that can be used on your tree all year long.


The supplies you will need for this DIY are: 1. Light bulb 2. Tissue paper 3. Glue gun 4. Scissors 5. Small plastic cup 6. Jute 7. Elmer’s glue 8. Ribbon and doily

I am using tissue paper to decoupage my light bulb. You can use material, newspaper or anything that you want to cover the light bulb. I am using Elmer’s glue to decoupage the tissue paper onto my light bulb.

You will first need to rip your tissue paper into small pieces. I then placed Elmer’s glue onto the light bulb.

You will want to put the Elmer’s glue on in small sections at a time. Place your tissue paper over the Elmer’s glue and then apply more Elmer’s glue.

You will do this until the whole light bulb is covered.

You will need to set the light bulb aside to dry for a bit. I found it easiest to place a piece of wire around the light bulb and hang it to try.

Now you will want to make a small basket. I am using a small plastic cup and I am cutting it more than half way down.

You will want to start to wrap your jute around the cup to make it look like a basket.

I am starting at the bottom of the cup. Add a small dot of hot glue and start wrapping the jute.

You will want to continue wrapping all the way up the cup

You will need to cut 3 strands of jute. I cut mine about 6 inches long.

These strands of jute are going to be used to attach the basket to the light bulb.

I am gluing all three strands to the inside of the basket.

You will now need to glue the other end of the strands to the light bulb.

You can add some ribbon around the base of the light bulb. The ribbon will help to cover the ends of the jute.

I glued a piece of jute to the top of the light bulb to form a hanger. I wanted to cover the ends of jute so I added a doily to the top.

We now have a hot air balloon ornament. This can be created in a variety of ways using different items. I hope you will all give this a try. If you create one I would love for you to share it to my Crafting With The Shabby page.