I keep trees up all year long and I am always looking for ways to create fun and unique ornaments. We all seem to love Angels of all kinds and you can easily create an angel ornament using a few different noodles.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two elbow noodles

2. One rigatoni noodle

3. One bowtie noodle

4. A handful of acini di pepe no. 78 noodles

5. Hot glue

6. One wooden bead (mine is about 1 inch big)

7. Twine

8. Scissors

9. Paint (cream, gold, red, brown)

10. Gold spray paint

11. Thumb tack or upholstery tack

12. Paint brush

The first step is to form your hanger for the angel. You will fold the twine in half and place it through the hole in your bead.

You will knot the ends so it does not slip back through.

The next step is start glueing on your noodles.

You will first glue the rigatoni to the head and this will form the body to the angel.

The bowtie noodle will be the wings.

The elbow noodles will form the arms.

Once your noodles are all glued in place you will paint your angel.

You will add hot glue to the top of the head and add the acini di pepe noodles for the hair.

Once I added the hair i then added gold paint to the wings and the body as shown in photo below.

You will then paint on your face and then add the tack as a candle. I could not find thumb tacks so I used upholstery tacks. They were a little long so I snipped of the end with wire cutters and added a little hot glue to form the look of a flame. You can add a little red paint to the tip of the tack.

These are so easy to make and I hope you will get creative and give them a try.