If you shop in the Dollar Tree then you might have seen noodle boosters. You will find these by the pool noodles. One of our amazing followers shared the idea of turning these noodle boosters into pumpkins and I thought we would give it a try.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One noodle booster from the Dollar Tree

2. Raffia

3. Large tree branch (big enough to fit in the hole if the noddle booster)

4. Paint brush

5. Orange paint (I’m using burnt orange)

You will want to completely cover the noodle booster with the paint. This will probably take 2 coats.

I am painting this one to be an orange pumpkin but I might also paint one cream.

I wrapped raffia around the tree branch and placed it into the hole of the noodle booster. This will be the stem to the pumpkin. You can cut a piece of a pool noodle and paint it to be the stem to the pumpkin.

This is so easy to make and will be perfect for outside or on your porch. I might give it a light coat of a polyurethane spray to help protect the paint. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.