Ok sometimes I can be a messy crafter and it appears that I got green paint on my new jeans. I have been seeing a few boutiques sell paint splatter jeans and I figured now would be a great time to create my own. Since I already have some green paint on my jeans I knew I wanted to use green paint for this project. We are always trying to create fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree and I think these will be fun to create and a unique apparel item.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. A pair of jeans or capris

2. Acrylic paint in a variety of colors

3. Paint brushes

4. Tarp

5. Paper plate

6. Bowl of water

I did not have enough fabric paint so I decided to use acrylic paint. I will be using the green paint first. The green paint is what I will be using as the splatter effect. I will be trying to create the green splatter to appear as a vine for flowers. We will be creating a splatter look with the green paint and then we will paint flowers with the remaining paints.

You will want to use a tarp or plastic under your jeans because this will be messy.

I am using a larger paint brush for the splatter effect. You will want to put some paint on a paper plate and dip your brush into some water before dipping into the paint. I wiped some excess water off of the brush with a paper towel before dipping into the paint.

The trick to getting the splatter effect is to stand back and quickly whack your paint brush towards the jeans.

Be sure to have enough paint on the brush so that when you whack the brush forward it will give you a splatter effect. You can bring the side seam of your jeans towards the front when laying your jeans down. This will allow the splatter to flow towards the back.

If you get a few thick spots of paint you can take a small brush and just swipe the paint out into streaks.

You can use a variety of colors but I will be just using the green. I want the green to appear as the vine for my flowers.

I am using a smaller brush to paint in a few red flowers.

I mixed a few white flowers with the red flowers. You can use a q-tip to create dots for the centers of your flowers.

I added green splatter to the back of the jeans but I only did the flowers on the front.

These are so fun to do and you can get so creative with them. I love how these turned out and they are going to be so cute for Spring. I placed them in the dryer to help set the paint and then I washed them on light wash.

I did a pair of capris the same way. These are so fun to make and I hope you will all get creative and give it a try.