It is Spring and Easter and I am always about giving fun little gifts. I wanted a fun way to give out some Easter candy but I did not want to place it in an egg. Carrots are always a popular Spring and Easter item so I thought it would be fun to create a paper carrot bag to fill with the candy.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Brown paper lunch bag

2. Scissors

3. Hot glue

4. Raffia

5. Paint brush

6. Orange and green paint

7. Paper towel roll or anything you have that is a similar shape

The first step is to cut the bottom off of the paper bag. You can use just a sheet of paper for this idea but I seem to craft a lot with these bags.

The next step is to paint the bag.

I painted part orange and part green. I came down about 3 inches from the top of the paper and covered the lower part orange.

I then painted the top part green.

You will now want to use the paper towel roll as your form for the carrot shape. I wrapped the paper around the paper towel roll and then cut my piece of paper to the length I wanted.

You will add hot glue to only one side.

Bring the hot glue end up and around and secure it to the other end of the paper. Be sure not to glue it to the paper towel roll.

You will then slip the paper towel roll out of the paper.

I then added hot glue to the inside of the orange end.

Squeeze the end all together to form the end of the carrot.

You will then place the candy down into the carrot. I did not let my candy come up past the green part.

I tied a few strips of raffia around the top part of the carrot.

These are so easy to make and turn out so cute. These are fun to send to your child’s school party or to use as a favor for a spring party. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try.