We will be decorating for Spring soon and I have been trying to find some fun and easy ways to create decorative carrots. I love Spring and Easter and I always love seeing all of the bunnies and carrots throughout the stores. We have been creating a variety of carrots here at The Shabby Tree and I thought I would share another quick and easy carrot you can create.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Paper party hats

2. Orange paint

3. Walnut colored gel stain

4. Greenery sprigs

5. Paint brush

6. Twine (optional)

7. Glue gun (optional)

8. Scissors

9. Spanish moss (optional)

You can find paper party hats in a variety of stores. I got a pack of colored hats in the Dollar Tree and I found the orange ones In Target.

You will need to paint the colored party hats.

I took about 3 coats of paint to completely cover the hat orange.

I trimmed the top part off of the orange hats from Target.

I added streaks of the gel stain to both hats.

I used hot glue to add a twine hanger to the carrot

You can add greenery or green tissue paper to the carrots.

These carrots are so easy to make and I hope you will all give them a try. You can hang them on your spring tree or place them in your dough bowl.

I added a little Spanish moss to a few of them.