Spring is around the corner and I have been trying to come up with some ideas for spring decorations. Decorative carrots are a must have for Spring and Easter decorations. Your going to love this idea because a lot of you have the supplies right in your yard.

Your main supply will be pine cones. I went out in the woods and found a variety of sizes.

Your supplies you will need are:

2. Greenery sprigs ( I am using artificial sprigs from Hobby Lobby)

3. Drill with drill bit

4. Orange spray paint

5. Glue gun

6. Wire cutters

You will want to lightly spray paint your pine cones. This can take one to two coats.

Once the spray paint is dry I drilled holes in center of the top of the pine cone. This is where you will insert your greenery sprigs.

You will want to cut small sprigs from your greenery. I placed hot glue onto the hole and then insert the sprigs into the hole.

These are so easy to make and I love that you can make a variety of sizes. These can be added to bowls or even placed in your spring tree.