I was in Marshall’s and saw these amazing red heart placemats. I knew these placemats would make the perfect Valentine pillows.

The supplies you will need:

1. Placemats (this can be done with any placemats. I am using heart shaped ones from Marshall’s)

2. Glue gun and surebonder glue

3. Stuffing (I am using polyester fiberfill from Hobby Lobby)

4. Scissors

The first thing I did was cut my tags off of my placemats.

My placemats have a front side and a back side. With both back sides facing each other I start to glue them together. You will want to make sure to leave a big enough opening to fit your hand in. You will want to use you hand to stuff the pillow with your stuffing.


After your pillow is complete stuffed you then need to glue your opening closed.

I hope when your out shopping you take a look at all the placemats. You can find a variety of placemats that would make amazing pillows.