I have been making larger Christmas decor to hang outside and when I saw this angel I knew I had to give it a try. We have been making a few things out of hangers here at The Shabby Tree and some of my followers have been sending me ways to make an angel. I told them I would give it a try and here it is. There are so many things to make out of these plastic hangers and they are all quick and easy.




The supplies you will need are:

1. Plastic hangers ( you will need 11 and I got mine from Walmart)

2. Zip ties

3. Scissors

4. Embroidery hoop ( size depends on how big you want the head of your angel to be)

5. Tinsel (optional step)

6. White spray paint ( optional al step)

7. Hot glue gun ( optional)

You will start placing your hangers in order of photos below.


Once you have all your hangers in place and your angel formed it is time to start to zip tie it all together. You will place your zip ties at all your connecting points. I can’t really tell you every place to add a zip tie, you just need to add them where ever you think it needs it in order to secure all your hangers in place.




Once I have all my zip ties on and all tightly secured I then cut the ends off.
It is now time to take your embroidery hoop and zip tie in place for your angels head. I spray painted my embroidery hoop white to match all my white hangers.




Now it is time to add your tinsel. This is an optional step but I am adding tinsel to the outside of my angel. I’m securing this onto my angel with basic hot glue.



This is a fun and very creative DIY and I hope you all give her a try.