I’m trying to come up with some simple Spring craft ideas. I want to make a few things using some recycled items and things that can be changed and created your way. We use a lot of recycled cans here at The Shabby Tree and here is a fun way to use one to create an easy Spring decoration.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One recycled can ( mine is a recycled can from sliced peaches)

2. Hot glue

3. Craft sticks ( I found these colored craft sticks in Walmart)

4. Greenery

5. Scissors

6. Twine

7. A piece of paper ( I’m using a small piece of brown paper.

8. Marker

You do not have to use colored craft sticks. Plain craft sticks will work and then you can paint them what color you want.

I will be covering the can with the orange colored sticks.

I used the hot glue to attach the craft sticks around the can as shown in photo above.

I cut a small piece of brown paper and used twine to attach it to the can. You can take a marker and write Spring on the paper.

This is something simple to make and something fun you can create with your kids. I added some greenery to the can but you can add any type of flower that you want. This will look cute propped any where in your home. I hope you will have fun and give this a try.