We are always creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree and we try to use recycled items for a lot of them.I recently saw someone turn a recycled can good into a pitcher and I just knew I had to give it a try. You can create this pitcher a variety of ways but I knew I wanted to incorporate some sunflower napkins that I purchased from HomeGoods.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Large recycled can

2. Paper napkins (sunflower print)

3. Mod podge

4. Paint brush

5. Drill and drill bit (you want your drill bit to be the same size as the screws for the handle)

6. Metal handle

7. Screw and bolt for handle

8. Spray paint (warm caramel color)

The first step is to shape your can. I found this easiest to do on the floor. I pressed down onto one side of the can. You want to form a point on one side of the can. Once I had a point I then pressed inward on each side of the point.

I want to add a handle to the opposite side of the point. I marked my handle and then drilled two holes.

I covered the outside and inside of the can with a warm caramel colored spray paint.

I then used the mod podge to decoupage the napkin onto the can.

Be sure to pull the back layer of the napkin off.

I placed one whole napkin across the front of the can.

I added more mod podge over the top of the napkin.

The napkin does not cover the whole can. I will add another piece of napkin to the back side

I ripped off the top and bottom edges of the napkin.

I added another piece of napkin to the back side.

I added more mod podge to the top and bottom edges of the can.

I added the handle once the mod podge was dry.

I painted over the silver screw with a burnt umber colored paint.

This is so easy to create and I just love how it turned out. You can paint this pitcher or decoupage it. I will add a silicone around the screws on the inside of the pitcher if I decide to add water. This will look great any where in your home and I hope you will get creative and give it a try.