Here at The Shabby Tree we are always looking at things and trying to see what we can create out them. I was cleaning up in our kitchen at work and came across an empty pretzel container. As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to make an amazing primitive barrel.

The supplies I am using are:

1. Empty pretzel container (I get these pretzel from Walmart)

2. Spray paint (Espresso color)

3. Polyurethane spray

4. Cinnamon

5. Paint brush

6. DecoArt shimmering silver metallic paint

7. Americana maple gel stain

You will first need to remove the label from the pretzel container.

I used Goo Gone to help remove the label.

I then covered the whole container with the Expresso spray paint.

The container has two raised areas that look like rings to a barrel. I painted both rings with the metallic silver paint.

I then added the maple gel stain over the silver metallic paint.

I painted the gel stain over both rings and then I covered the barrel with cinnamon.

I used my paint brush to rub the cinnamon in. Once I had my barrel how I wanted I then gave it a light coat of polyurethane spray.

This is so easy to make and will look great with any type of flowers.

I hope this will get you creative and inspire you to look at things in other ways. There are so many things that you can recycle and turn into a fun decoration for your home.