Christmas is quickly approaching and everyone seems to love decorating with snowmen. We have made a few snowmen here at The Shabby Tree using a variety of different items. There are a lot of people who have a limited amount of craft supplies which got me thinking. I think we can create a fun and unique snowman using toilet paper.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Four rolls of toilet paper

2. black and orange paint

3. Paint brush

4. Scissors

5. Elmers glue

6. Hot glue

7. Mica flakes ( these are available on our website and you can find the link down below)

8. Small rocks

9. Two sticks from a tree 10. Strip of red material ( optional)

The first step is to add some rocks inside one of the rolls of toilet paper. This will help give the snowman some weight to stand up.

Once you have the rocks in place you will then use a second roll of toilet paper to start wrapping around the roll that has the rocks inside.

You want to use the second roll of toilet paper to form the ball to your snowman.

I just tucked the end down under one of the strips.

You will do the same process to the other two rolls of toilet paper. Once you have the two balls for your snowman you will then use the hot glue to attach them together.

The next step is to apply the Elmers glue and mica flakes over the whole snowman.

I applied the Elmers glue in small sections and then sprinkled on the Mica flakes.

You will use one of the paper rolls to create the eyes, mouth and nose to your snowman.
I traced a penny to make my dots for eyes and mouth.
I painted them black and then painted a corner orange for a nose.
You will cut out the dots and glue them onto the snowman.
I created a nose and glued it onto the snowman.
I added a red strip of fabric for a scarf and two sticks for arms.
I created a small hang tag to add to the front.
This snowman is very easy to create and I hope you will give him a try.
You can find the Mica Flakes on our website right here https://theshabbytreeboutique.com/shop/p/mica-flakes