I seem to have a lot of glass vases that I have accumulated over the years but I do not like how you can see the stems of the flowers through a glass vase. There are many ways to cover a vase but I wanted to create a way that I can take the vase cover off and place the vase in the dish washer. I have been using socks for a lot of crafts lately and a sock seems to be exactly what I need for my idea.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Socks (I like Dr scholl’s men’s socks from Walmart)

2. Surebonder fabric glue

3. Scissors

4. Doilies and embellishments

You can leave your sock white or coffee stain it. I like the grungy and primitive look so I coffee stained my sock. I mix a cup of instant coffee to a gallon of warm water. I dip my socks into the coffee and I lay them out in the sun to dry. Next you will want to cut the top part of your sock off.

Be sure to cut the sock long enough so that it will cover the whole vase and slip down and go underneath the bottom of the vase.

Next you will use the surebonder glue to glue on your doilies and bling.

This is such an easy craft that adds the cutest touch to any glass vase. I really hope you all give this DIY a try!