I love fall and I love pumpkins and I knew I wanted to make where I can incorporate my lace from Goodwill. This pumpkin is so easy to make and you can create it according to what you like. I will be incorporating lace but you can use any kind of fabric or just simple spray paint.


The supplies you will need are:

3 splatter screens( I got mine from the Dollar tree)

Glue gun

Twine( I got mine from the Dollar tree)

Spanish moss

Wire Wire cutters

Lace material (optional)

Rust colored spray paint (optional)

The first thing I did was spray paint my splatter screens a rust color

Next I traced the circle part of the splatter screen onto my lace.
Next I cute the lace circles out and glued them into my splatter screens.

Then I took the twine and glued it around one of the handles on one splatter screen. This will be the stem of your pumpkin. The handles on the other two splatter screens I bend all the way in. These two handles will stand your pumpkin up.

You then wire your pumpkins together being sure to place the screen with twine on the handle in center. You can now add moss or ribbon to the top of your pumpkin.

You can be so creative with this pumpkin and make it so many different colors or style.