It is time to start thinking about Spring and when I think about Spring I think about flowers. Here at The Shabby Tree we are always trying to come up with fun and unique items. I was in the Dollar Tree and I ended up buying small silver plastic spoons. I just knew there had to be a way to created some fun and unique flowers using plastic spoons.

The main supplies I will be using for this flower are:

1. Plastic spoons

2. Styrofoam ball

3. Elmer’s glue

4. Fine gold glitter

5. Paint brush

6. Wooden kabob stick

7. Wire cutters

I purchased the styrofoam balls from the Dollar Tree. They are 1.9 inches.

The small silver spoons are also from the Dollar Tree. They come in a pack of 24.

The first step is to cover the styrofoam ball with Elmer’s glue. I found easier to place the styrofoam ball into a wooden kabob stick.

I then sprinkled a fine gold glitter over the Elmer’s glue.

You will then need to set the styrofoam ball aside to dry.

The next step is to cut the handles off of the plastic spoons. I am using wire cutters to snip the handles off. You will want to leave about an inch of the handle on at the base of the spoon part.

Once the styrofoam ball is dry you will want to start to insert your spoons into the styrofoam.

You will insert one at a time and go around the whole styrofoam ball.

These spoons are the petals to your flower.

There are so many different ways to create these flowers. I added texture by deco art to the styrofoam ball for one of my flowers.

You can use all type of glitter for the styrofoam ball.

I painted the spoons with a white chalk paint for another flower.

You can use a larger plastic spoon for the flowers. I also added the rose gold texture by Deco Art to the spoons for one flower.

I left the flowers on the kabob stick and stick them into my smaller spring tree. You can place these in your tree or add them to a wreath.

These are very easy to make and I hope you will all get creative and give them a try.