I love keeping trees up in my home all year long and I have been making a variety of ornaments for them. We have made a variety of bunny ornaments here at The Shabby Tree so I decided to create something different. You’re going to love how easy this spring hat ornament is to make!

The supplies you will need are:

1. Small plastic or paper cup

2. Scissors

3. Jute

4. Glue

5. Flowers and ribbon

The first step is to cut slices into your cup.

You will want to cut at least half way up the cup and go completely around the whole cup. You will cut each slice about an inch apart from each other.

You will want to push the cup down and push all your strips out.

You will start to add your jute to the top of the cup. Place a small drop of glue at the top center of the cup.

You will add your jute and continue adding glue and jute until the top of your cup is completely covered.

You will need to push your cup down onto a hard surface to make sure your strips are spread out.

Next you will need to add hot glue and twine going around all the strips.

You will continue to do this until you feel like the brim of your hat is as wide as you want it to be.

Cut the end of your twine and then begin to cut the excess of the plastic cup off.

Once your hat is complete you can add flowers to decorate it.

I added a strip of twine to the backside to create a hanger for my hat.

You can decorate these in a variety of ways. I am using flowers and ribbons to create a cute spring look.

I hope you all enjoy this DIY and give it a try!