I’m always saving my recycled can goods because we like to get creative with all types of things here at The Shabby Tree. I know it’s still cold outside but my mind is thinking ahead to Spring. When I think of Spring I think of flowers. I want to use a few recycled tin cans to create some fun and unique flowers.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Recycled tin cans ( you can use any size can)

2. Tin cutter ( I got mine from Home Depot)

3. Wooden spindle

4. E6000 glue

5. Bling embellishment

6. Hot glue

7. Drill

8. Screw

The first step is to remove all of the labels from your tin cans. You can use Goo Gone to easily remove any of the glue from the cans.

I was so surprised how easy the tin cans are to cut. You can cut your can any way that you want to create the petals to your flower.

I cut my can into strips about an inch to 2 inches apart.

I added another can to the center of the can I just cut.

I drilled a screw through the center of both cans and into a spindle.

These flowers can be created so many different ways. You can cut your petals into any shape that you want.

I cut another can and cut my strips thinner for this flower.

This can had a thin rim around the top of the can. Once I had my strips cut I then trimmed the end of each strip.

I cut another can and curled the strips much tighter before adding it into the other can.

I added E6000 glue with some hot glue to hold the bling into the center of the flower.

I decided to cut out some leaves from a can.

I screwed these onto the back of the spindle.

These flowers are so quick and easy to make. I hope you’ll get creative and give them a try.