I have been wanting to make a fun decoration that I can use all year long. Spring will be here before you know it which is why I think I am thinking about birds. You can decorate with birds all year long and I wanted to create one that can be used a variety of ways. It seems like everyone loves the red cardinal so I decided to create a tin cardinal. This cardinal can be used as an ornament on your tree, placed in a wreath or sitting any where throughout your home.

The main supply you will need are the Dollar Tree cookie tins.

A few other supplies I will be using are:

1. Hot glue

2. Scissors

3. Pen or marker

4. Red paint

5. Paint brush

6. Stick from yard (optional)

7. A piece of paper (you can draw your own pattern or you can print the pattern I gave you)

The first step is to draw your own pattern for a bird or print the pattern I supplied.

ou will cut your pattern out and then trace it onto the cookie sheet.

I like to cut off the edges of the cookie sheets. This gives me two flat sheets to work with.

I used an ink pen to trace two of the bird pattern and two of of the wing pattern onto the cookie sheet.

You will see that when you trace the pattern it indents into the cookie sheet.This makes it easy to see your pattern to cut out.

Once your pieces are cut out you will want to glue the two bird pieces together.

I did not glue them together at the bottom center. I want an opening so that I can place the bird onto a stick. You can glue the whole bird completely together and use a string to hang the bird.

You will want to fold one end of the wing before you glue it onto the bird. The fold is where you will add the the glue to hold it onto the body of the bird.

You will glue both wings on the same way.

You can paint your bird any color you want. I am using a country red by DecoArt to create a red cardinal.

It took about two coats to completely cover the tin bird.

I used a black marker to add some eyes.

I placed the bird on a stick and placed the stick into my tree. You can hang this bird in your tree by glueing some string or twine on the top of the bird. This bird can be added to almost anything and will make a fun decoration. I hope you will all get creative and give this a try!

Click here to download this pattern.