I have been seeing so many different decorative trees but I haven’t seen a style that I was loving. I decided to try making one where I can incorporate my own materials and colors that wou ld go with my style.


The items you will need to make the larger tree are listed below


36 inch metal floral stand I purchased mine from hobby lobby it was $4.99
A drill
Yard stick or tape measure
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Cream colored spray paint
A skein of chunky yarn also purchased at hobby lobby
Cream colored cord
And a piece of wood for the stand this one was $2.39 at hobby lobby

Step 1 You need to remove the medal piece that is connected to the middle and bottom bar Take your pliers and open up the two hooks on the bottom and remove them from the bottom bar

Now you will be able to slide this piece right off the middle leg

Step two Using the hacksaw saw off the two outer legs just below the bottom bar it should look like this when you are done

Next you need to use the hacksaw to remove the hook at the top. Using the hacksaw saw right at the bend this is how it will look when you are done

Step three You can use any color you would like I choose this one because my yarn is cream if you choose to do a green are to make a green tree you can skip this step Take your spray paint and paint one side let dry they turn over and paint the other side

Step four Take your yarn and measure out a six and half yard piece and cut now measure another six and half yard piece and cut so now you have two pieces measuring six and half yards each I wind each piece into a ball I found it easier to work with when doing the tree Next cut 23 twelve inch pieces of the cream cordStep five Using your hot glue gun add a small amount of glue to the bottom bar in the middle and glue the middle leg to the bottom bar making sure the middle leg is centered it should look like this when you are done

Now using your hot glue gun and your first roll of yarn, start in the middle of the bottom bar and start gluing your yarn outwards towards the bottom corner repeat this step with your other roll of yarn on the opposite side working outward to the bottom corner

It should look like this when you are done


Step seven We are now going to add the 23 twelve inch pieces of cord to the bottom bar over the yarn you just glued on Starting at one end of the tree take one piece of the cord and make a loop and place it under the bottom bar with the loop facing you next lift the loop up and take the two end pieces from the back and pull them through the loop towards you pull tight repeat this with another five pieces keep moving towards the middle of the tree

Now take a sixth piece of cord this time laying the loop on top of the middle leg and the two end pieces under the bottom bar with one piece on either side of the middle leg lift up the loop and pull the two end pieces through the loop pulling tight
Your bottom bar should be looking like this

 Continue with the last five pieces of cord making a loop laying it under the bottom bar with the loop facing you lifting the loop and pulling the two end pieces through the loop pulling it tight this is what it should now look like when all 23 pieces are added to the bottom bar

Step eight You need to wrap the yarn around the left outer bar once by taking the ball of yarn on your left side and lay it across the bar pulling the ball of yarn through the opening in between the left and middle bar bringing it back out to the left

Repeat this step with the other ball of yarn on the right side

Next add a dab of hot glue to the middle bar and bring your yarn on the left side across pulling tight and glueing it to the middle bar

Next take the ball of yarn and feed through the space between the middle leg and left side bar bring it back over to the left side now wrap the yarn around the right bar again like I explained above when you did the first wrap around

You should end up like this. Now repeat this step to the right side bring the yarn back in between the left arm and middle leg and back to the right

Don’t forget to wrap the yarn around the outer right bar when you bring the yarn back over to the right Next add glue to the top of the bottom bar and glue the first row of yarn you just did


Now you are going to continue what you for the first row all the way up the tree doing the left side then the right you just keep alternating sides all the way up the tree. You do not need to glue the rows of yarn together we only glued the first row to the bottom bar

Your tree should be looking like this as you are working your way up when you get close to the top you may need to use your scissors to push the yarn through

It will get to tight at the very top to push the yarn through so take the top piece of yarn add some glue to the metal and wrap the yarn around you may need to wrap around more then once just make sure you add more glue and end with both pieces of yarn on the backside of the tree

Now flip your tree over and trim the two pieces of yarn like this

Now add some glue and glue down both pieces of yarn


This is what your tree should look like

Step nine Take your wood piece and drill a hole in the middle now place your tree stem to make sure the whole is big enough when it fits in the hole you are now ready to paint remove the tree and paint your base

After the base is tree add some hot glue to the hole and glue in your tree

Tree Topper supplies you will need are

3 inch wood star




First cover one side of star with glue and glitter let dry after it is dry flip over and do the same to the other side don’t forget to get the sides of the star let dry

After the star is dry you will need to trim the top of the tree just a little so it isn’t so fluffy then add hot glue to the star as shown and add to the top of the tree

Finally I took each piece of cord we added on the bottom and separated all the strands of each piece and you are now doneIf you would like to make one of the smaller trees the directions are the same as the big tree except for the size of the frame and the materials here is what you will need for small tree Two 8 yard pieces of a thinner yarn which I used on the tree on the left and for the tree on the right I also used Two 8 yard pieces but I used the cream cord for this whole tree You will also need 16 nine inch pieces of cord for the bottom fringe You follow the directions for the larger tree above except for what I just mentioned above For the tree topper I used a one and a half inch star and you do not need to trim the top of the tree before adding the star to the top