Summer is quickly approaching and I’m trying to create a few new items for my front porch. I love sitting on my porch throughout summer and I always like it to be decorated with a warm and welcoming feeling. Right now I have a lot of orange flowers on my porch for Spring but I want to change them out for red geraniums in the summer. I thought it would be fun to have a silver watering can wreath on my front door for summer.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. One plastic watering can ( I purchased mine from Walmart)

2. Dremel

3. Ink pen

4. Scissors

5. One Dollar Tree aluminum cookie sheet

6. Silver spray paint

7. Hot glue

You will use the dremel to cut the watering can in half. My watering can has a line going around the watering can which made it very easy to cut the can evenly in half. This is very easy to do but it does take time to cut up and under the handle areas.

You should now have two half watering cans as shown in photo above.

I used the dremel with the sanding attachment to sand along all of the edges of the watering cans.

I did the same process to the watering can spout attachment.

Once you have the watering can cut and sanded you will then trace the main part of the watering can onto the Dollar Tree cookie tin as shown in photo below.

I traced around the watering can but I traced it about a half inch larger.

You will cut out the image you just traced on the cookie tin. The next step is to glue this to the back side of the watering can.

I just attached the cookie tin to the center area of the watering can as shown in photo above. You can cover the whole back side but I did not feel a need to cover the spout or handle. I want the center covered so that I can add artificial flowers to the watering can.

I covered the whole watering can with a Titanium Silver spray paint.

I added hot glue to attach the spout and added one more coat of spray paint.

This was very easy to make and you will get two wreaths from one watering can. I have this hanging on my faux mantel right now and I will place it on my front door for the summer. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.