It is time to start thinking ahead for some Spring and Easter decorations. Everyone seems to have some type of dough bowl or tray in their home which is why I want to create a fun and easy carrot. These carrots can be placed in any type of bowl or tray.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Wired jute (you can find this in Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree)

2. Wire cutters

3. Orange paint (I’m using pumpkin spice)

4. Greenery (I am using a wired greenery sprig)

The first step is to form the shape of a carrot. You can use almost anything for this. I am using a styrofoam cone. You will wrap the wired jute around your cone.

Once you have the spiral effect of a carrot you will then paint it.

I am using an orange paint by Deco Art and color is labeled pumpkin spice.

The last step is to add your greenery sprig to the top of the carrot.

It is easier if you are using a wired greenery sprig. This allows you to just wrap the greenery around the top end of the wired jute.

This is such a quick and simple unique carrot to make.

I hope you will all get creative and give this a try. This is a fun carrot to add to a dough bowl or sit on a table.