I’m always looking for new ornament ideas but I also try to create some fun tree themed ornaments. We are called The Shabby Tree so we love everything that has a tree on it. Wooden shims are a great craft supply and we have been creating a lot of things with them. You can use a wooden shim to creat a simple and easy tree ornament.

The supplies I will be using for this are:

1. Wooden shims that are 8 inches

2. Twine

3. White paint

4. Stain

5. Scissors

6. Paint brush

7. Glue gun

8. Star (I have small metal stars and sticker stars)

8. Drill with drill bit (my drill bit is the size of my twine)

The first thing I did was stain my wooden shims. You can stain these or paint them. I’m using a walnut colored gel stain by Americana.

Next step is to drill your hole for your hanger.

I then looped a piece of twine through the hole to make a hanger for this ornament.

It is now time to paint your tree into the wooden shim. I’m keeping it simple and doing a basic stroke to form a tree.

Once your tree is done it is time to wrap some twine around the top of the shim.

I added hot glue to the back to hold the ends of the twine in place.

You can add a small metal star to the twine or a sticker star to the top of the tree.

This is so easy to make and you can create the tree any way that you want. I just love how simple it is and I hope you will all give it a try!