Spring is here and I am always trying to create fun and unique items for my yard. I was in the Dollar Tree and I bought a few items that I knew would work perfect for creating a turtle. This turtle will look so cute any where in your yard.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two coco liners from the Dollar Tree

2. One metal hanging basket from the Dollar Tree

3. Four small terra cotta pots from the Dollar Tree

4. One plastic spoon (these are sold in a pack at the Dollar Tree)

5. Wire cutters

6. Needle nose pliers

7. Thin wire

8. Rubber bands (I will be using 8 rubber bands)

9. Green spray paint

You can use any size terra cotta pots that you want. I am using the 3.5 inch pots from the Dollar Tree.

The first step is to remove the hanging chain from the metal basket.

You will then use the wire cutters to snip off the ring of the basket.

You will want to bend the end of four of the wire posts. I left two wires as is for the front of the turtle and then I bent one and then left one and continued around the same way until I got back to the two front ones again.

You will now slide the terra cotta pots onto the bent posts.

You will want to wrap a rubber band around the end of the bent post.

This rubber band will stop the terra cotta pot from slipping back off.

You will do this to all four posts with terra cotta pots.

I then cut a rubber band and wrapped it around the post at the top of the terra cotta pot. This rubber band will help hold the terra cotta pot in place and not allow it to slide up.

I wrapped the rubber band and then tied it in a knot. You will do this to all four posts with the terra cotta pots.

It is now time to add the coco liner.

I will be using a piece of wire to help secure the coco liner to the wire basket.

I placed the wire through the coco liner and wrapped it around one of the posts of the wire basket. You will want to do the same thing to another post on the opposite side.

You can trim the post shorter so that you do not see them once the coco liner is in place.

It is now time to create the head of the turtle.

I cut the handle of the plastic spoon to be shorter.

You will want to cut out two pieces from the second coco liner.

I placed the spoon onto the coco liner and cut out a piece slightly larger then the spoon.

You will want to cut out two pieces. These pieces will be used to cover the spoon.

I will be using a piece of wire to attach these pieces over the spoon. I used the wire as a needle and threaded it through both pieces of the coco liner. I twisted the wire and left one long piece to wrap around the spoon and I left a long piece to attach the spoon in place.

You will use the scissors to cut a hole where you will want to insert the head.

Once I inserted the head I then used the remaining piece of wire to thread through the coco liner. I came back through the coco liner and wrapped the wire around the base of the head and then back through the coco liner. I then wrapped the wire around the inside of the wire basket to secure the head.

The last step is to spray paint the turtle.

This turtle is so easy to make and will look amazing in your yard. I hope you will get creative and have fun making this turtle.