In the past I have made wreaths with vintage items incorporated throughout them. I knew when I saw this metal candy cane form in Dollar Tree that I wanted to do something similar. This is a fun diy because you can incorporated whatever you want into this candy cane.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Metal candy cane form ( this one is from Dollar Tree)

2. Tinsel of your choice (these are wired tinsel sprigs from Hobby Lobby and I am using 5 of them)

3. Ornaments ( these are all from Hobby Lobby)

4. Wire cutters

5. Glue gun

6. Tape measure

The first step is to cut all the long pieces of tinsel off of the sprigs.

Next you will want to cut your tinsel pieces into 4 inch pieces. You will end up having a lot of small scrap pieces. Save the scrap pieces because you can twist them together to make a 4 inch piece if you want extras.


I will tell you this step makes a mess.


Once you have all your 4 inch pieces it is time to twist them onto your candy cane form. I start at the bottom of the candy cane and work my way up. You will just place your piece of tinsel over the wire and fold and twist.

You will do this process until your candy cane is full.

Now it is time to start adding your ornaments. I first played around and tried to see where I was going to want what before I actually started glueing them onto the candy cane. I am using all shatter proof plastic ornaments from Hobby Lobby. You can use glass or actual old vintage items and wire them to the candy cane.


I decided after adding my ornaments that I also wanted to add a touch of greenery. I am using some sprigs from Hobby Lobby. I am just adding them here and there throughout the candy cane.

Here are some photos of all the items I am incorporating into the candy cane.

When I was making this candy cane all Christmas was 50% off. I hope you all give this a try and have fun being creative with it.