Spring is here and I have been decorating throughout my home. I am trying to keep things more simple this year and finding quick and easy ways to decorate. We all love a dough bowl and I always love my battery operated candles. I always like to add a lot of green throughout my home when decorating for Spring. Here is a simple and easy way I will be decorating my dough bowls for Spring.

I will be showing you how I will fill my wooden dough bowl from Hobby Lobby and the DIY Jute bowl that we made here at The Shabby Tree.

The first thing I will be doing is adding a piece of styrofoam to the center of my bowl. You will want to cut it to fit the center of your bowl.

Once my styrofoam is placed in the bowl I will be adding battery operated timer tapers to the styrofoam. You can find these on our website.

I used a knife to cut out the holes for the candles.

I want to keep this bowl simple so I am adding moss over the top of the styrofoam. You can add whatever filler you want but I like the green moss for spring. This will look great as is but you can add different items to the moss throughout summer.

There are so many things you can add to the moss for Spring and Summer. I love the color of fresh eggs and you can blow the inside out to use the eggs as decoration.

I did the same thing to the DIY Jute bowl that we made here at The Shabby Tree.



This is how I will be decorating my bowls for Spring and Summer. I wanted to show you how easy it can be to add lights and color to your dough bowl.