Ok Fall is quickly approaching and it’s time to start pulling out your Fall decor. I started decorating and I thought it would be fun to show you how I decorated my mantel.

I’m adding a lot of gold to decorations this year. Here is a fun pumpkin that we made here at The Shabby Tree. You can find the directions for this pumpkin down below.


I found some old gold frames in a thrift shop and decided to turn them into some fun and unique pumpkins. You can see exactly how I did it right below.


I found the gold jack-o-lanterns in my local Home Goods. They do have an opening on the bottom for me to put lights or a small candle up into them.

I have gold urns on each end of the mantel with a beautiful everyday tree inside them. You can find the urn and tree on our website. The links are down below.



I did have to break some of cement off of the bottom of the tree to fit the tree down into the gold urn.

The grapevine trees are from Kirkland’s many years ago. I keep these trees on my fireplace mantel all year long. I use a strand of 50 lights on them that are from our website.




The candle ring and candle holder are both from our website. I love keeping a variety of lights on my mantel. If you have been following The Shabby Tree then you know that I always keep some type of garland with lights on my mantel. I hope my mantel will inspire you to have fun and decorate your home in a fun and unique way.