I often get asked a bunch of questions about my front porch decorations. If you love decorating and love being out on your porch then this is the blog post for you! This post includes a list of all my must have decorations and items for my front porch.





The first must have for me is a garland and some burlap ribbon around my front door with some brown twinkle lights.





For fall I incorporated some wooden pumpkins I made from the Dollar Tree pumpkins around the top of my front door.





In the center of a wreath I like to add a chalk board. I found this silver platter at my local Goodwill and painted the center with chalkboard paint. Chalk boards are a unique way to add a greeting or message. For fall I just added the wooden pumpkin over the chalkboard .

One item that I must have on my porch all year long is a tree. I always have more than one tree and they can be either real or artificial. I love the warm cozy feel that the trees add to my porch and I love the way the lights look on them at night. You can leave the trees plain or incorporate some decorations on them for each holiday.

A fun and unique item to incorporate into your trees are signs. Here are some Dollar Tree Halloween signs that I redid to be an everyday sign.

If you love candles then some lanterns are a must have for your porch.

I love to keep my porch smelling good so I keep a wax burner on my porch all year long. My favorite wax cubes are from Walmart.

Pillows are always a must have for my porch. I love buying zippered pillow case covers so they are easy to wash and change out for the seasons.

I always keep a green garland with burlap above my window. Here I added some diy round wooden ornaments for a fall decoration.

My porch gets a lot of sun so another must have for me are these shades that I got from Home Depot.

I love these shades because you can easily roll them up or down.

I do also love to keep cabinets on my porch. The cabinets make my porch feel like another room in my home.

I also have an amazing chicken coop on my front porch.

One of my favorite items of all is my hanging fall decor. I made a hanging grapevine wreath to incorporate a wreath and pumpkin for fall. This is a quick replacement for my summer hanging baskets.

I hope that my ideas that I use on my front porch will inspire you to get creative and to do some decorating on your porch. You can find a lot of my items that I have made here on my blog page.

I often get a lot of questions about my brown twinkle lights on my trees and in my garlands. You can find the twinkle lights I keep on my trees and around my door on my website here.