I have been decorating my porch for Spring and I decided I wanted to add pops of orange. The orange will be very festive for Easter and look great all summer long.

I added a a variety of artificial orange flowers throughout the porch. The flowers that you will be seeing are all from Hobby Lobby.

I keep greenery around my front door all year long and I added these orange flowers to it for a pop of color.

I glued flowers and greenery to a triangle shaped pieced of cardboard to create a carrot wreath for the front door.

You can see how we created the carrots shown in photo above right here https://theshabbytree.com/diy-carrot-using-terra-cotta-pots/

I keep trees with lights on my front porch all year long.

The lights at night make me happy . I purchased the solar light up bushes on the steps from Walmart.

I kept my porch simple for Spring and added a variety of decorative carrots with a variety of orange flowers.

I hope you decorate your porch with things that make you happy. Everything that I added to my porch makes me happy and I enjoy spending time on my porch.