I am always trying to inspire everyone to look at things in a variety of ways. You don’t always have to use everything in the way it was created to be used.

I was out and about shopping one day and saw these adorable napkin rings. I knew as soon as I saw them that I could create them into an adorable ornament for my easter tree.

The supplies I used for this DIY are:

1. Napkin ring (I got these bunny napkin rings from Home Goods)

2. Lace fabric

3. Glue

4. Scissors

5. Flower embellishments

6. Twine

The first step is to trace the opening of your napkin ring.The first step is to trace the opening of your napkin ring.

Once it is traced then you will cut it out.

Glue your material to the back side of your napkin ring.

I am adding a few flower embellishments to the front. These flowers are from Hobby Lobby. I am adding them with my hot glue gun.

I want to hang these on my tree so I am glueing some twine to the back.

These are so easy to make and I know there are a variety of napkins ring out there. I hope this will inspire you all to get creative and look at things in other ways.