Fall is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your decorations. One decoration that seems to always be used for Fall is a pumpkin of some type. I was recently in the Dollar Tree and picked up a few bamboo wreaths. We can use three bamboo wreaths to create a fun and unique pumpkin for Fall.

The supplies that we’ll be using for this pumpkin are:

1. Three Dollar Tree bamboo wreaths

2. Two packs of the Dollar Tree doilies

3. Jute

4. Upholstery thread

5. Doll needle

6. scissors

7. Six inch burlap ribbon

8. Spanish moss

9. Rustic Orange spray paint by Rust-oleum

The first step is to sew the doilies to the bamboo wreaths.

You’ll place the thread through the doily and around the wreath.

Be sure to pull the doily tight as you sew it to the wreath.

You’ll do this to all 3 wreaths. Once you have all 3 wreaths done you’ll then spray paint them with the Rustic Orange spray paint.

Be sure to spray paint both sides of the wreaths and doilies.

Once you have all 3 wreaths spray painted you’ll then use the jute to connect them together.

You want to over lap the first 2 wreaths half way as shown in photo below.

I used the jute to tie them together at the top and bottom.

You’ll want to place the third wreath on top of the previous two wreaths. Be sure to place the wreath in the center of the two wreaths.

I used the spray paint one more time to cover the jute.

The next step is to roll the burlap ribbon to create a stem for the pumpkin.

Once you have the burlap rolled you’ll then use the jute to hold it together.

You’ll stick the burlap stem down into the center top of the pumpkin.

I stuck some of the Spanish moss down into the pumpkin around the stem.

This pumpkin is so easy to make and will look great any where in your home. I hope you’ll get creative and give this pumpkin a try.