I recently found the cutest pop up Christmas cards in Walmart and Home Goods. These cards are so cute that I knew I wanted to turn them into a decoration.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One pop up greeting card

2. Two Dollar Tree 16 inch plastic trays

3. Hot glue

4. X-acto knife

5. Scissors

6. Rust-oleum spray paint ( black, apple red and midnight blue)

7. Polyurethane spray

8. Bottle brush trees

The first step is to cut the center out of one tray.

Once you have the center cut out you’ll then spray paint the trays.

You’ll want to use the black spray paint on the front side of the full tray.

Once the black spray paint is dry you’ll then spray on the midnight blue.

The tray with the center cut out will get sprayed with the apple red spray paint.

You’ll want to spray the back side of the full tray with the apple red spray paint.

Once the spray paint was dry I then gave both trays a coat of a polyurethane spray.

The next step is to cut apart the card. You want to be sure to keep the flaps attached that make the image pop out.

You’ll want to glue both trays together and then glue the image to the inside. The tray with center cut out will get glued to the full tray.

You’ll add hot glue to the bottom tray and then place the cut out tray on top. You can add the image and the bottle brush trees to the inside.

I glued the bottom piece of the card down behind the trees. You can add some battery operated lights down under the trees.

I just love how this turned out and I love how easy it was to make. This can be placed almost any where in your home for a fun and unique decoration. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.