I found myself in the Dollar Tree and they had a variety of Americana decorations. I came across some metallic party streamers that would work perfect for a yard decoration.

I’ll be using a round wooden base from the Dollar Tree and a pair of scissors to turn these metallic streamers into a fun decoration.

The first step is to tie the end of one of the streamers around the wooden wreath. I doubled knotted the streamer so it won’t come untied.

I’m starting with the blue streamer first but you can use any color streamer that you want. You’ll be wrapping the streamer around the wooden wreath as you go from side to side. I double wrapped it around the wooden wreath before going to the other side of the wooden wreath.

You’ll want to change to a different colored streamer so you’ll want to knot the end around the wooden wreath.

I did the silver streamer next and then the red. You can pull the streamer under previous strips as you wrap the streamer from side to side.

This is very easy and you can wrap the streamers around the wooden wreath as many times as you want. I wanted to make sure that I covered the entire wooden wreath with the streamers.

Once I had the wooden wreath wrapped I then added some streamers to hang at the bottom. I cut 2 strips of each colored streamer 42 inches long.

You’ll fold the streamer evenly in half and then come up through the bottom of the wreath.

Bring the two ends up and through the loop and pull them tight.

You can add as many streamers to the bottom as you want.

This will look great hanging on your porch or from a tree in your yard. We used four items from the Dollar Tree which puts this around a $5.00 craft. I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun decoration a try.