I just love lights outside in the summer. Lately I have been obsessed with solar lights and I decided to make a simple moss covered chandelier for my porch. The sun hits my porch a lot throughout the day which will allow the solar light to light up at night. You can make a few of these and hand them at different heights which would make a cute display.
First you will need to get some supplies. You will need a metal flower basket which I got from the dollar tree along with a solar light that you can also find from the dollar tree. You will need a hot glue gun with glue and some moss of your choice. I will be using 3 different shades of moss which I got from Hobby Lobby.
There is no particular spot to start at . You just need to put hot glue onto wired flower basket and then apply moss. Your going to completely cover the whole basket with moss.


Once the basket is completely covered you want to flip the basket over so you can add string at the chain from basket so that you can hang it like a chandelier. There is a hole in center of basket where you can add a solar light.