I love using a lot of neutrals when decorating my home. It will be time to take down my Valentine decor and start putting out my Easter decorations. I just love the way my mantle looked with my brown paper hearts for Valentine’s Day. I love how our paper hearts turned out so I thought we could create paper bunnies.

The supplies I will be using are:

1. Two brown paper lunch bags

2. Polyfill

3. Scissors

4. Cotton balls

5. Ribbons

6. Hot glue

7. Black, brown and pink paint

8. Twine

9. Paint brush

The first step is to fill the brown bags with some polyfill.

You will want to close up the first bag and glue it down. This will be the bottom of the bunny so you will fill this bag more then the second bag.

The second bag will be the head to the bunny. I added less polyfill to this bag because I wanted the head to be smaller.

I used a piece of twine to tie this bag shut.

You will now glue the second bag onto the first bag.

You will now cut the ears to the bunny.

I added some cream paint to my bunny.

I then painted on the face to the bunny using the black and brown paint.

I glued on a few pieces of twine for the whiskers.

I added pink paint to the ears and ties a few ribbons around the neck.

I added a small bow to the top of the ears. You can use a few cotton balls to create a tail.

I decided to add some mica flakes to my bunny. I painted on some Elmer’s glue and then sprinkled on the mica flakes.

I love how easy this bunny is to make. You can create this bunny in all different colors and sizes. This bunny is going to look great on my mantle for Easter.

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